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This is in the assigned homework. We've not covered it in class. I should have started this earlier so I had time to ask about it but whatever. Also, this is crash higher (scottish higher), so I've no background on this.
"A solar cell measures 1cm by 5cm and receives 400mW of power from a small light bulb 50cm away.
a) What is the intensity of the illumination on the cell?
b) What would the intensity be:
i) 1m away?
ii)2m away
c)If the cell is 5% efficient, what power does it produce when placed 50cm from the bulb?
d) How close would it have to be to the bulb to produce 200mW of power?"

I'm not expecting people to do this for me or anything, but I'd appreciate a point in the right direction or something. This is a really sorry state of affairs.
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A) Intensity is power per unit area. You have been given the power and area.
B) inverse square law.
C) what is 5% of 400?
D) if you can do the first 3 you should be able to work out this one.

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