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Hey guys,

I am graduating from my BEd in Business and Enterprise in June 2015 ( A long way away I know) however I have already begun investigating the idea of applying for a GEM either in the UK or home in Ireland.

Just a few quick questions, What are the actual chances of applying to one of these courses having not completed either Biology or Chemistry Alevel but are willing to work my butt off to catch up with this content?

Also most courses in Ireland want you to complete the GAMSAT where your score can count for 2 years, is this the same with the UKCAT or does that score only last for a single year?

Finally is there anything else I can do to help improve my application

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You can definitely apply to some courses with any degree and without Chemistry or Biology A levels, such as Nottingham or St George's in London, but you will need work experience. The more the better really, but quality is more important than quantity. You need to be able to explain what you've learned from it.

The GAMSAT assesses up to first year university level in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, so you will need to teach yourself if you apply to universities asking for this test. I sat it this year and it is quite challenging.

UKCAT results are valid for one year only, and you can do only one test per round of applications (ie: one test per year). So you can't do another in the same year if you don't do well in the first.

Good luck

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