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Hi there!

This week, I successfully passed the assessment centre in IBM and my CV was added to the matching process. In fact, today, I have received an email with a job description and with saying that one of the managers from the AC would like to have further interview with me next week.

The problem is, the job offered doesn't seem to be appealing to me. Does anyone know how this matching process work? What would happen if I reject the offer? Will I be excluded from the matching process completely?

I remember that during the AC, we wrote down our job preferences. Should I wait and see what will happen at the interview or should I write to IBM straightaway asking if there are other positions available? What would you guys do?

Thanks for any help/advice!
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I was in a similar position with IBM last year. The first interview I was offered for the IBM matching process was in software development. I emailed back saying that I didn't think the role suited me and that I really wanted to secure a position in GBS. The reply I got was along the lines of 'we do advise all candidates to attend any interviews they are invited to as we cannot guarentee an opportunity within your preferred area' etc. I replied politely but firmly stating my preference towards GBS. Within a week I had a matching interview with my preferred area. Simples

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