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I am on a Primary PGCE course which finishes in July. Right now I am filling out my NQT job application but I'm not sure if I should mention my A-Levels which I achieved in 2009. I only ended up with 1 A-Level and 2 AS-Levels from college but my grades were terrible. All I got was Ds n Es, my only success was a pass in ICT Key Skills Level 2 from my first year which isn't much. In the application I have to mention where I went to college because if I don't they will probably wonder what I did over those 2 years.

I still went on to do a 3-year degree in the Education sector where I achieved a 2:1. I've also passed both my numeracy and literacy QTS skills tests but I'm not even sure we mention these tests in the application.

My question is, do I still mention my bad A-Level grades seeing as the application says to mention 'qualifications passed' along 'with grades'?

Will these low grades affect my application or is it something that can be overlooked seeing as I still achieved a degree?

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