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I have been studying a degree for three years with the Uni. All of my modules were linked to my declared qualification. For some reason I did not think last year that I needed to declare a 'transitional qualification' as I had declared my qualification on my home page.

Now I find myself being told I am no longer eligible for financial support and have to pay the same fees as a new starter. This is total BS. I applied for an exception - maladministration by uni - as they never wrote, and the last email was 5 months before deadline. This failed so I am now going to have to make a formal complaint/appeal. Anyone else in this situation. It feels really bad. What other university in the country is going to turn round and say sorry but you have to pay 2012 fees now, half way through your degree. I know I made a mistake in not 'ticking a box' and so the 'computer says no' but to my mind this is just a way to save money by screwing people over.
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To be fair to the OU, they publicised the transitional arrangements quite a lot. There was a massive red box on StudentHome asking you to make sure you'd declared your transitional qualification and quite a few emails & notices in the news/announcements section.

Good luck in your appeal. If the appeal still fails, are you able to get a student loan to cover the increased costs?

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