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I really want to work in the tourism or business industry, are there any options other than going to University? Something that I could just study in my time? Like distance learning? I've just read a post about ACCA Accountancy, which gives you the same job opportunities as a Degree.

Any advice?
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My friend works in this business and he didn't even do a levels or go to university! I think luck was on his side however.. The first few months, he worked at Thompson cook as part of an apprenticeship, however, decided to leave cause he said they was all stuck. He then get a job at butlins to do with food (I think?) this was temporarily but then gave him a full time job as part of call centre at Butlins.. He worked really hard and after about 8 months, they made him redundant. However. He didn't give up and his dream job was always work at an airport.. So he kept applying to airport companies, he got alot of rejections, interviews then rejected and some where he got through a few stages before he got rejected. He was very depressed at this point.. Howeve, finally, one day a company offered him a job as cabin crew at Birmingham airport! That was over a year ago and he's always going to different places now..! He originally wanted to be a pilot but it's a step in the door tbh at least! This just shows you don't need a uni degree at times, as long as you are willing to work hard and be persistent - it will finally pay off!

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