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In January 2014 the current restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants into Britian will be removed, allowing uncontrolled immigration.

Please sign the following petition to prevent this:

Stop mass immigration from Bulgarian and Romanians in 2014, when EU restrictions on immigration are relaxed.

Responsible department: Home Office

In 2014 EU restrictions are set be removed, allowing nationals of Bulgaria and Romania ‘free movement’ to the UK. The move is similar to the one that granted access to around 600,000 Polish immigrants to enter Britain over recent years.

Despite Bulgaria and Romania joining the EU in 2005, restrictions were put on the number who could move to Britain. However, those restrictions will be abolished in 2014.

Once the restrictions are lifted all new comers will entitled to claim benefits, housing, child, job seekers etc. There is currently an estimated 1.5 million people seeking work within the two countries

The impact will also put pressure on housing, infrastructure, schools, and heath care. All at a time the government are cutting pensions, jobs, public services and the armed forces.

I request the government suspends the easing on these restrictions for another 5 years.

The government requests to renegotiate the immigration laws within the EU.

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