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Ok so I'm practicing for the exam on Wednesday . My target is an A. But I want to be aiming for FULL marks on every question. I did a practice exam in class a few days and got an A. I was loosing 1 mark on every question except for the last one which i didn't really know how to answer correctly, I was loosing the mark because i don't think I was linking my points correctly.
So can some A* student check my responses and tell me where I need to improve ?
edit : Also before I attempted to link my points I was missing out the last paragraph on questions 1c 1d 2b so does that last paragraph I add even gain me any marks or what :s?

1a) In the source we are explained to that a "German Diplomat" was killed by a Jew, This suggests to us that the Jew who shot the German may have been mistreated by the Germans leading him to have the motivations to kill him.
In the source the nazi "response" to this act was to "launch an attack" on Jews. The murder seems as just an excuse for the nazi's to rid of the Jews once and for all.

1b)In the Weimar there were 2 houses in parliament. The dominant house was the Reichstag. The other house was the Reichstrat. The reichstag controlled taxations and passed laws. The reichstrat was able to delay new laws unless over ruled by 2/3 of the Reichstag.

In the Reichstag political parties were given seats according to proportional representation, this is where political parties were given seats according to the number of votes they received.
In the Weimar Constitution there was a President & Chancellor, the president was head of state and controlled the army. As well as this he chose the chancellor, and was directly elected by the people every 7 years.
1c)In 1923 France invaded Ruhr as they were not receiving reprations as Germany was no longer paying reprations. The occupation of Ruhr was devastated Germany's Economy as Ruhr was its most richest industrial area so Germany was deprived of gaining wealth.
Another effect caused by the occupation of Ruhr was that it weakened the popularity of Weimar Republic even further as they did not act against France, this caused plenty of riots and revolts and political unrest.
Both factors had a massive effect but both of them are closely linked as Germany would have no income & problems would arise so the Weimar would not be able to act if they had no popularity with the general population causing new leaders to arise.
1d)First the German Government was new since the Kaiser abdicated to Holland and a new government was setup; the weimar Republic signed the Treaty and were forever hated by the Germans & labelled the "November Criminals".
Secondly the German Government was very weak, and could not use force because the German Army was in no shape to fight it had been limited to 100,000 men. Many political leaders saw this as a chance to take over power in Germany violent revolts occured between 1919-1920.
I think both reasons explain why German Government had alot of difficulties. If the Weimar republic was hated and very weak this would be a perfect opportunity for political parties with large armies to take over.
2a)First Hitler had a problem with Catholics as the priests, bishops swore their first oath to the pope. Another reason why Hitler may had a problem with them was because they swore their first allegiance to the Pope not Hitler. Another reason why Hitler may had a problem with them was because Catholics taught equality and tolerance to everyone which contradicted with Hitlers views . Hitler attempted to deal with them by making a deal with the Pope saying that Catholic bishops/priests would not interfere with politics and hitler would not interfere with their worship. But Hitler did not keep his promise and many bishops and priests ended up in concentration camps.
Secondly Hitler had no problem with the protestants early on, he even protected them against anti christian communists also protestants churches sometimes hung the nazi flag up. But eventually the protestans began to rebel and had a group which protested against Hitlers views and eventually rebellious protestants ended up in concentration camps too.
It was pretty obvious that anyone that opposed Hitler would end up in concentration camps and he was not willing to deal with them in a nice way.
3a)It could be argued that the most important action taken by Stresseman was the Dawes plan because Germany's Economy was in turmoil, Germany was not going to solve their economic problems on their own. So the Dawes Plan helped out alot, the aditional years to pay reprations, US banks investing in German Industry, loans of 800 million marks all gave German Economy a kick into the right direction.
However it could be argued that the Young plan was just as equally an important action by Stresseman, as it reduced the amount of reprations to £2 billion and gave Germany an additional 59 years to pay. This was an excellent action for Stresseman as it released more spending power for Germany and made it possible to lower taxes.
Although it could be argued that the production of the Retenmark was just as important as Stresseman was left a huge mess by the previous chancellor, Germans wanted action as a Loaf of bread cost £200 billion marks in 1923. So the introduction of the Retenmark improved lives of Germans and they did not need to worry about prices drastically changing every day.
However every argument relies on each other, hyperinflation caused a huge economic problem for Germany so the Dawes plan made it possible to change the German Economy, ie scrapping the old mark for the Retenmark the Dawes plan would make the Retenmark stronger however Stresseman's work was not finished yet as Germany was still struggling Despite all the help from US, the Young plan topped things off and permanently put Germany's economy on the way to prosperity.
On the whole I think the most important action taken by Stresseman was the Dawes plan as it was the foundation of all his work and gained popularity of the Weimar republic.

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