Music, photos, quotes, literature, help me for my art?

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    Okay, so i'm looking at different forms and places which affect the way people feel, how different things force (influence, enforce) them to feel a certain way... I'm looking for any photos, quotes from books, songs, song lyrics, paintings, anything that makes you feel a certain way...suggestions please? thank youu

    As a pianist - ANY pieces by Chopin (nocturne in D flat) They have such meaning and sentiment - It's quite strange, as after I play them I feel so different - almost uplifted - and they influence any compositions I write!

    And I'm sure any pianist feels the same way - just look at my icon? haha

    Any love song in the charts. Think about the music you listen to when you're upset/happy/angry. Could be very interesting to do some art on the relationship between music and emotions.
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Updated: January 29, 2013
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