Need advice Regarding study and signing off JSA - Please Help Watch

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Hello all, my name is Gary Lawrence, I am 24 and I have a confusing situation.

I have studied a BTEC LV 2 in Sports and Fitness for which I received a Distinction. Due to personal problems and no fitness qualifications being offered, I dropped out of the BTEC Level 3 sports development and coaching course that I progressed onto.

I have a friend who stayed on and went uni, as I was one of the smarter ones in the group my friend told me I should have stayed on to get the qualification and go to uni and study "Sports and Exercise Science" as I would have done well on the uni course.

Honestly I think I could do it. I do not have any Science qualifications and only a E in maths Gcse, but I found the BTEC 1st and what I experienced in the National Diploma easy if I put my mind on focus mode. I talked to a few Uni's but as I do NOT have a full level 3 qualification, I do not meet any entry requirements and have been told by a tutor " If I could get you on I would, You are able, but you do not have the NECESSARY level 3 needed to get onto the course"

So I now have a few questions, if you would be so kind to help with them.

1. I would have to sign off JSA as I have tried to part-time whilst claiming and they made this very difficult and basically bullied me into quitting a course by threatening to close my claim. Can I sign off JSA and just get a student Loan and maintenance grant to sustain me throughout the course,? I qualify for it, living alone on low income. I have housing benefit too, so If I lose JSA as I have no income would I still be entitled to keep housing benefit.

2. Is it possible to blag my way onto a Uni course through merit and my past history/work capabilities or do I surely need to redo a BTEC lv 3 or the Access to higher education courses.

3. If my only option is to indeed study a Level 3, which would be better, BTEC lv 3 or the Access to Higher Education in Sports Science. and upon completing that, could I get more help with the costs of studying in uni or would I need to save as much of the Student loan and Maintence grant as possible/find a part time job?

Thank you so much for reading and I apologise for the length and the multitude of questions.
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1. SFE funding is not available for BTech

2. Possibly if you have a lot of relevant experience but you've already been told by a uni that it doesn't apply to you.

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