He sends mix signals to me. does he have feelings for me? Watch

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In October when uni started there was this guy who introduced himself to me and shook my hand. at that time i felt that he behaved rather strangely. the day after we were in lecture and i was sitting by myself and he asked if he could sit beside me and i said yes because it was polite to do so.

the week after when i was walking into this building for class he saw me from a distance but he was in front of me. at that point i was hoping that he would go into the building and leave me alone. Instead he was holding the door for and waited for me to walk to the building (which took about 2 minutes from where I was at). as i got to the door he let me in first. I found this all rather strange.

Each and every time i saw him he would stare at me and when i see him staring he would look away. He would still stare at me but we dont talk. it was rather weird because one time i was sitting by myself and he came over and we had a long conversation. and after that it was back to the awkward staring from him.

I dont know what my feelings are for this boy. I am feeling rather confused and cannot think if i like him or not.

from what i had said, does this boy like me or did he only want to be friends?
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Yes he likes you and tried to make an effort at first but because you didnt reciprocate he's backed off and is only doing things like staring at you then quickly looking away.

If you wanna go out with him im sure you have a shot there

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