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During a conversation (that turned into a debate) a topic came up which stems from the fact I work part time as a waiter now my only role as a waiter is to collect glasses serve food (as in take food to them) and clean tables (remove plates from them)

Some customers complained that I was no approachable enough dispite the fact that I obeyed every social convention I smiled used flawless manners and was respectful. The reason they cited for my complaint is that I failed to engage in small talk with them (when i say this I mean I failed to start any small talk they failed to say anything to me) and my smile seemed "fake"

Now this applies to all my life I am laconic I will almost never engage in small talk with somebody where the purpose of the interaction is transactional as theres no need.

An example would be talking with the person at the check out in a supermarket I deem this to be superflous as your aim is to get out of there as quickly as possible while theres is to serve you as fast as possible, should the employee be forced to enact the conversation (as I agree it would be rude to not reply to them) This idea of using small talk to pass the time is it only me who feels that it is superflous?
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(Original post by gorve)
This idea of using small talk to pass the time is it only me who feels that it is superflous?
Try to stop rationalising everything and crudely reducing it to efficiency and purpose. Focus on quality. Quality of experience, existence and search for an extra dimension in life - meaning.

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