How do I tell my flatmate I want to move out? Watch

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I currently have a contract which is due to expire in June, but I´d like to move out. On New Year´s Eve on of my friends found a dog abandoned in the road and was able to keep her safe for a few days in his aunt´s flat. However this was only a temporary solution until the Christmas holiday ended.

Since then I´ve been looking after the dog, but my flatmate (the flat owner) doesn´t want me to have the dog. When I say this girl is my flatmate, she is rarely here as she is doing a course in another town. She comes back when she feels like it because she has family here.

My concern is the dog, so I want to move to another flat where I can have a dog without any problems, but I have a contract until the end of June.

Contracts are rare here in Spain, so I feel like this has been done to suit her. When I was flat hunting, there was little choice.

What do I do?
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There are many reasons your flat mate may not be happy to have a dog in the house, so you must respect their wishes

If you have a contract you would be expected to honour it .. if you move you still have to pay. This may cause you financial hardship to pay for two places at once and a dog.

If you leave and do not pay for your original flat or help find a replacement, you will not have a very good reputation which may affect you getting accomodation at a later date.

Cheapest option maybe to find a temporary home for the dog and pay someone to care for it. Or find a new, good permanent home for the dog.

If you think you still have to leave, then just be honest about why. Say you respect their wishes not to have a dog. Faced with the stark reality of losing a good and polite flat mate they may make a compromise

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