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Hi everyone,

I have an issue with work experience which I really need to get sorted by half term. I'm in my AS year at the moment. I do Psychology/RS/German/ICT.

Work experience would be easy, but my career interests don't correlate with those subjects at all. I'd love to be a musician or maybe a writer. Or anything creative, really. I enjoy all of my subjects except ICT but I don't think I'd be happy in a career revolving around any of them.

I've considered a placement in journalism but I'm really not sure what it would entail. I have no idea how to apply, either... or where to apply to. Would they still accept me if I don't do English A-Level?

I also wouldn't mind something involving teaching, but not sure where I'd do that. Another school would be terrifying, I don't want to be hanging around other people my age who I don't know.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could lend me a hand... stressful times can't always be dealt with alone.
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Don't overthink the work experience 'experience'. As you want to consider Journalism as a career approach your local newspaper and ask them if they would be prepared to take part. You may find they already have a scheme in existence. You could also consider approaching local charities which you know produce news articles.

To ensure you have the correct qualifications look at the universities that offer Journalism and their prospectus will tell you what subjects are required and at what level.

Now for the teaching. If you conquer your fear of terror and approach another school and tell them what you would like to do not only would you have gained relevant experience but also you would show prospective employers/universities that you are willing to move out of your comfort zone. They like that

Finally, I would say that if you could get work experience in any area that deals with the public this would be just as good from the experience point of view as working for a newspaper/school and you might just get a job out of it!

Of course this is only my opinion so it is only to give you something to think about. Good luck with whatever you decide

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