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Ok so been looking into Erasmus recently, my choices are limited since i do not speak any European languages well enough to study with, so i have been looking at modules taught in English.

Looking at Sweden, Czech Rep. or Germany at the moment, however i am just wondering a couple of things.

I read on the Erasmus site that the study period counts towards the students degree, however upon meeting my Erasmus coordinator i was told.

'we prefer you to do 2 semesters/a whole year, so that its a gap year then you come back to the UK start the second year of your degree, making it a 4 year degree in total.'

Ok, so i will just do 1 semester then since i don't want my degree to be 4 years.

'so you will have to complete the 30 points worth of modules at what ever European university you attend for a semester and simultaneously study the modules for the semester back here'

... so i will do a years worth of study in one semester? I do not understand this, i have been looking at the modules offered by 2 of the universities which are pretty similar to the ones i would study if i didn't do Erasmus.

Can the study abroad with Erasmus count if the modules are similar enough? Because right now its made to seem like ... well a bit pointless study wise, obviously has cultural benefits, but ... i could get those by going on holiday.

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