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me and my family are facing a serious problem and we have to be rehoused, probably somewhere completely different from were we live

the problem is if we move me and my siblings will have our a levels and gcses disrupted.

For example, it is suggested we move to Luton,
now if we move to Luton, we would have to travel to London (where our current school is) everyday. Even with a 16-25 railcard it is too expensive for 2/3 children to travel everyday for at least a year!

the other option is if we dont travel we may have to start new schools! i'm in the middle of my AS course, and i am due to do A2 next year at my school. If i move will it cause a problem?

Will I have to start again, or will i be credited?
is there any other suggestions?
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If you can find a college/sixth form that offers same subjects of same exam board, it shouldn't be a problem. Because we have just finished previous modules in Jan exam. So new modules have started anyway. But I suggest, if you're definitely moving, arrange the admissions starting from now. So that when you get there, you can start from next day. Because ISA and courseworks are coming up!

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