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I'm sitting the A2 WJEC exam on The Tempest and Doctor Faustus on Thursday. I'm comfortable writing about most on the themes of the past papers except deception. I'm fine with Doctor Faustus quotes relating to it but I'm only able to come up with a couple from The Tempest comfortably without having to make rather tenuous links. Does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks a lot
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Tempest & Deception:

Prospero decieves Miranda, she doesnt know he's a duke. Changes our perception of Miranda? Appropriate behaviour in the period?

P also decieves crew into thinking Ferdinand dead, decieves Ferdinand & Miranda into thinking he dislikes him to test their bond (simultaneously hiding from Miranda that he set them up) Changes audience's perception of P and also M??

Prospero's usurpation = deception, thought his brother was helping out, but stole his position.

Caliban attempts to regain the island = decieves the clown characters into thinking its their idea/do they convince Caliban through deception that theyre Gods?

Magic as deception: not the uncontrollable force of nature it appears, instead symbol of human power and destruction. P deludes himself into thinking it's his alone; he appears more vulnerable and manipulative when we realise it is mostly the work of Ariel under his enslavement. Ariel's invisibilty and disguises/illusions = deception.

Isle decieves those who are greedy/a threat? Caliban and old wise man can see lush grass and hear all its beautiful noises, while the king and co. describe it as a more barren landscape. Reflect their own outlook/ what their desires would do to the place?

Prospero decieving the audience? Tries to make us believe he's the good guy, yet some things such as magic, hypocrisy, treatment of M&F make us suspect otherwise. Shakespeare intend us to see through this deception? M&F playing chess satirises P's behaviour?

Find a quote for each and expand where possible, this is just some basic ideas to get you started as you seem to have hit a blank

Hope this helps! Got an A* overall, and did this paper last year, now a first year in Lit at uni! Out of interest, what is your third text (ie. for the other section)?

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