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I keep being reminded of bad stuff that has happened in the past, which usually makes me feel awful about myself and puts me in a really depressed mood for at least a few hours, sometimes even for a day or more.

Really trivial things remind me of this stuff, such as certain songs, certain places, etc, and sometimes friends can inadvertently remind me of things, obviously not knowing the effect that it has on me.

It is highly annoying that it happens so often, and it makes me feel awful.

Does anyone have any advice as to how I could prevent myself from being reminded of stuff like this, or how I could perhaps not be so badly affected by it?
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I know what you mean.

This exact thing used to happen to me, I used to hang around with certain people who reminded me of friends I've previously had, who eventually abandoned me, so there's me thinking these guys would do the same, ruined the whole experience of meeting new people at the time.

I don't hang around with them anymore, didn't work out, so unfortunately I can't really give you much advice.

You just need to think of the stuff from the past, is in the past. It has no right to affect your future and ruin what should be a good time. I understand it's hard, trust me I know, and certain things are unavoidable, but you just need to think about the present as much as you can, what's happened is gone, it's over and can't be changed. The present can! Try talking about things you really like and if you feel like it's starting to affect you, try and start an interesting conversation or think about a good time you have recently had, or if all else fails, leave the area or skip the song, get away from the situation if you can.

I hope this has helped. Good luck and keep us updated!

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