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(Original post by Gimp)
i was just saying that to dismiss Jonatan's flawed analogy not as an argument against cloning. i don't particularly strong feelings for or against cloning, but there are probably too many bad people in the world for cloning to ultimately be a positive thing in the world.
Ok, lets take a slightly different analogy. Narcotic drugs, and chemical weapons are inevitabely discovered during medical research. Does this mean we should prohibit medical research?

Sure technology can be abused, but this doesnt mean we should prohibit it. I feel the main reason people are so sceptical of cloning and genetic technology is because of a more or less religious feeling that "it is not natural". Well, neither is paracetamol. Yet, I do not have a huge problem with people using painkillers. To dismiss cloning technology merely because you "want" the genetics to be something which is not controllable with science is just stupid. A few hundered years ago it was prohibited to disect corpses, today it is a vital part of medical research and has led to loads of new treatments for sick patients. Btw, you cant prohibit only the research which yields medical results because there is no way you can know IN ADVANCE what research will yield results.
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(Original post by SHANDY)
Depends who/what is cloned I suppose.
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