Tall girls: Do you feel pressured into being skinny? Watch

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As a tall person myself (5’9) I feel like I can’t ever fit in.

About two years ago I quit going to dance because of a knee injury and ever since I’ve gained weight, but I wouldn’t say soo much of it. Before I used to be skinny, but my friends would say “oh your so flat” or “you have no ass”

Now, it’s my parents saying “you need to exercise because your getting fat” or “you need to eat more healthy...”

These things just make me so insecure because I’m either too skinny or too fat and it makes me feel horrible. To even have these things said by my own parents leaves me speechless as well as angry.

Even if I go to a family friend’s house their mum has snacks set on the table anytime she has people over, and every time I grab something I can just see from the corner of my eye my mum watching me if I’ll get more.
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