Getting my braces tightened abroad? Watch

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I'm thinking about plans for the summer and I might (lets say 70/80% sure) go to spain for all of it (june 14th - september 30th)

Problem is i have braces, which currently i'm getting tightened every 6 weeks.

I'm going to uni in october so I will be changing my orthodontist anyway, but for the summer what will i do about getting them tightened? flights back to london cost about 250 quid each way, so no way will i be able to afford that.

Would it be possible to go to a dentist in spain just to get them tightened? I know of an english one in my town (ive been there before when i lived there, before I got my braces - so language isn't a problem) so as long as they see all my notes will i just be able to get them tightened there?

I will be so bummed if I have to stay here for the summer just because of my braces lol :/

edit: just an extra question; what would be the consequences if I don't get them tightened for the 3 months im in spain at all and just leave them on, would that wreck my teeth lol?
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You mean you know an English speaking dentist in the town you're going to? Can't you get in touch with him and ask before you go?

I doubt you would have any problems getting them tightened. I went to a few dentists when I was doing a year abroad in Europe and they are much more efficient and cheaper than here.
Dilbagh singh
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Hii. I will be moving to czech republic for my studies next year and I'm getting my braces. So will it be ok or should I get the braces after coming to czech?

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