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TSR Model House of Commons Guidelines

The TSR Model House of Commons (MHoC), one of the first of its kind on the internet, was set up in 2005 and continues to thrive to this day. The D&CA Support Team believes that the MHoC poses a fantastic and unique game of political debate that allows for greater awareness of how the British system of parliamentary democracy works, hence we want to ensure it continues to be the success that it is!

So that every member can feel equally welcome and comfortable posting in the MHoC, the D&CA team would like to put some basic guidelines in place which will work in tandem with the existing Constitution and Guidance Document of the MHoC:

MHoC Guidelines1) As a sub-forum within TSR and D&CA, the existing forum Rules and Guidelines, as well as the D&CA Guidelines will continue to apply within the MHoC. In addition, by posting on TSR you agree to follow the Terms and Conditions associated with the site.

2) An atmosphere of robust and passionate debate is actively encouraged, yet this cannot exist if members do not engage respectfully in discussion. Hounding out individuals, persistent personal attacks and harassment of other users will not be tolerated. Members who persistently do so will have D&CA strikes, that can eventually amount to a ban from the D&CA subforum, applied at the discretion of the CT in addition to the continued application of posting tips and cards in line with wider TSR moderation.

3) Discussion of off-site communication (such as Skype, Discord etc.) in any public forum related to the MHoC or VMs, and in any form will be removed, with users who post such communication potentially receiving posting tips and/or cards for doing so. Please bear in mind that such chats exclude members who do not participate and require the revealing of a certain degree of personal information which contributes to a cliquey feel that is detrimental to the long-term MHoC community.

4) Other forms of off-site activity such as Twitter Accounts, Newsletters, Blogs and Wikias can continue to be linked publically so long as their content remains in line with the rules and guidelines of the site.

5) The MHoC is a strict one-person, one-account game. If you have multiple accounts, it is expected that only one will participate in the game in any way (be it participating in a political party, voting in elections etc.). In addition, there should be no attempt to mislead as to your views for doing so undermines the integrity of the MHoC and is against the spirit of the game.

6) Non-public subforums such as party sub-forums should be a private area in which like-minded individuals are able to strategise and plan content without worrying about such content being revealed before it is time to do so. Please do not leak to the wider sub-forum without consent being given for such content to be shown as it is a breach of privacy.

7) Wider promotion of parties and the overall MHoC should be done in a way that is considerate of the rest of the TSR community. Parties and individuals should not spam "cold-PMs" or VMs that indiscriminately target users of TSR as doing so creates annoyance amongst those who do not wish to participate. Avatars and Signatures provides a much more discreet method of promotion, whilst the occasional thread and post is permitted in D&CA if the CT or ST member responsible for the sub-forum have given permission to do so.

8) Off-topic conversation that does not relate to the topic at hand is best placed in the designated Commons Bar Thread. Please pay particular attention to ensure the MHoC Help Thread is kept clear of off-topic discussion so that all requests and queries can be easily viewed by the CT.

9) The existing framework of accountability for moderation decisions in TSR remains in place in MHoC. Please direct any queries or responses regarding a moderation decision to AtCT instead of publically discussing it on the forum so that a private and open discussion can be had around it.


TSR Community Staff - via Ask the Community Team or the designated MHoC Admin Thread.

Designated Section Leader to the MHoC: MrDystopia - quote/tag in for contact

The MHoC Speakership Team: Andrew97 and CatusStarbright - quote/tag in for contact

If you wish to ask about an 'in-game' matter, you will be best contacting the Speaker of the Model House of Commons!

Happy debating! :fatcontroller:
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Hey guys,

After deliberating with the rest of the D&CA Support Team, we've decided to refresh the MHoC guidelines given that the last time they've gone through a major revision was by Jarred four years ago. The main changes are:

1) A stricter moderation policy, with the introduction of D&CA strikes for individuals who continuously antagonise other members of the MHoC. If these stack up, you may be banned from posting within the D&CA subforum. As I'm sure you're all aware, there's been a lot of nastiness recently and that quite frankly is detrimental to the long term health of this game. It can be played without having a hostile atmosphere that pushes people away.

2) The introduction of a ban on cold PMs and VMs that promote a particular party, or the MHoC at large. For those who have no interest in the MHoC, such messages can be annoying especially when other aspects of TSR do not use such methods of promotion. Affiliated signatures and avatars are a far more discreet way of going about this, and if you chat with an ST first, an occasional thread or post as we have done before should be fine.

Asides from that, the rest of it is really just making explicit some aspects of the rules and guidelines which may have been forgotten from time to time.

Please ensure your MPs and party members are aware of these revisions, and as usual if you have any queries regarding the new guidelines, please direct it to the AtCT subforum. Cheers! :yy:

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