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    In a couple of weeks, I will have to have finalised my choices for next year. I already know that I'm going to take History and German for sure, but seeing as I want to apply down south next year to study German and Russian it's vital that I have 3AHs. I'm in a bit of a sticky situation regarding my final choice, however. I have been strongly considering AH French for the past few months, and I managed to get 92% in the higher prelim without bursting a gut. However, whilst I do vaguely like French, I don't think I'd be passionate enough to be able to do it next year. Additionally, I struggle with accuracy in my writing - I lost the most marks for my 2 writing pieces in the prelim (20/25). I have heard numerous horror stories of people who struggle massively with AH French after breezing through Higher, and have a feeling that that'll be me if I decide to do French. Additionally, given that I want to study German at university, there's a voice in my head telling me that I'd do better just to focus on one language next year, so I can make even greater progress in German.
    If I were to take French though, what should I do over the summer holidays to ensure that I get off to a good start?
    On the other hand, AH modern studies appeals to me. My prelim mark was a bit disappointing (66% B) because I had time management issues and made a mess of the DME. However, the course, law and order, sounds very interesting. However, what's putting me off is the dissertation. It just sounds like it would take SO much work, what with having to actually visit prisons, interview people, etc. Plus, I would also be doing a history dissertation alongside it.
    If I applied down South to the likes of Durham or UCL the requirements would most likely be AAA at AH. Is it very hard to succeed in these subjects?

    I welcome any replies from people who have done/are doing AH French or mods

    (Sorry for the long-winded, poorly-written essay)

    I don't think AH's are as demanding as Higher. For most AH you only do 2.5 units rather than the 3 at higher which does save a lot of time. So I wouldn't be put off by how difficult you think it will be.

    If its the grades you need I'd go with the subjects you're most comfortable with as its more likely you'll get the grades.

    And we'll obviously you'll need to make sure you're school does these subjects as i need to travel an hours trip everyday to go to a school to do AH physics and I miss a good chunk of Higher RMPS.

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