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How should my revision timetable look? watch

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    Im currently doing my AS Levels and I haven't been revising much yet. Exams are in just a few months so I thought I really need to get my head down. However I will need to decide a revision timetable.

    The subjects I do are geography, Religious studies + philosophy( its basically philosophy+ethics), sociology and psychology.

    My first exams are in May.

    I don't know how often I should be revising each night. I barely revised for my GCSEs - I got 1A 7Bs 3Cs, but in my A Levels Im aiming for ABB because I want to do psychology.

    So I just need to know how long I should be revising for each night - bare in mind I wont be revising on Fridays or Saturdays as I like to go out with friends


    Depends on how close you are to your exams tbh and your own ability.
    considering this is march and exams for you guys are probably in may/june ish.. i'd consider this relatively early (anything > 6 weeks).
    For now i would spend time going over class notes and everything else you go over in class just a review and spend time on concepts you don't understand and write down questions you think are relevant. i.e. why karl marx thinks the working class aren't benefiting...

    I'd say 30 minute review per hour of lecture for the average person. So if you have four hours of lectures/classes spend 2 hours at home minimum on work.

    Once you hit exam time 6 weeks before exams spend minimum 3-5 hours a day and have 2 days off if you want. Your subjects aren't particularly difficult but they are memory consuming so spend time reading and time on essay writing.

    At the end of the day your the best judge of your own ability, if you think an ABB is quite hard then you ought to spend more time on this. There is no single method but there are good methods to govern ones time, have a look at Tony buzans books of you want and the 80/20 rule.

    Some people (me) can crash course revision 3 weeks before the exams and get A's
    those people have hard time in uni so don't follow their lead.
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