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Getting told what I can and can't spend my money on watch

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    I'm 17, and my boyfriend is telling me off all the time for spending my money on LUSH products, just because he doesn't like it, and it's "just soap". Since there's no jobs out there except working at McDonalds for bare minimum wage at stupid hours, I decided to invest my time and effort into making my own money be setting up a gaming server; it has become pretty popular and brings me in a comfortable £200 a week, on average. From that money, I pay for the server upkeep, necessities I need (As the family is poor), bits for my boyfriend sometimes and I spent a little bit on myself - I don't really like many things, and because LUSH is one of the shops that I really like, that's usually where I will spend the odd £20/£30 - that is a very small fraction of the money I earn... whenever I do spend money on it he will have a go at me, and lecture me about it and it's quite frankly pissing me off.

    He's got money too, and he buys himself games all the time - I don't care, he likes games and it's his money, so when he has the cheek to have a go at me for spending money on what I like then it just irks me.

    Over time obviously the money does add up, and I guess I have probbaly spent something in the region of £200 on LUSH - so what? I enjoy it, and I've got nothing much else to spend my money on... he's probably spent around £500-£800 (no joke) incl. two copies of CoD Black Ops 2 (one for XBox, one for PS3).

    He will argue and say that I don't spend anything on him, which is bull**** - he's got quite a bit of money (a few thousand) that he got for his 18th and I don't have that much, I've got a few hundered.

    He's completely nasty about it, I have bought him stuff in the past and spent a great deal on his birthday present last October, yet he will have a go at me saying i spend nothing on him, so he wonders why I actually don't... it's because he's always on my case. Am I overreacting?
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    and the thing is, I actually was saving up for a nice surprise for him, but I'm not sure i want to now as he's being a complete ********.

    Especially at your age, your money is yours and his money is his. Neither one of you should care what the other spends their money on. However, he should stop lecturing you on it, i'm not sure you are over reacting. (nice way to make money btw )
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