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This guy is soooo confusing watch

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    Ok. So three weeks ago I met this guy through a friend that likes me (the friend wasnt my type) anyway we went clubbing and somehow ended up at his place we didnt do anything intimate but we stayed up spoke till the sun was out, he made me breakfast n I left the next morning n he was like he will call me (he didn't ). Ended up texting his ass first n he told me about how I forgot his name the next morning which I don't recall, anyway yh we spoke everyday for the first three days n I reminded him about the call he promised me, we spoke for long but he seems like a quiet guy. So after the call he never spoke that much to me so I kept my cool. Last week Wednesday I was like I'm coming down to the city does he want to c me still, he seemed so happy n spoke to me everyday till Sat when I went to his place, we chilled watched a lot of movies and he was very close n touchy we ended up sleeping together I don't regret it cause its what I wanted at that time. We spoke loads afterwards n he told me his talking to a girl and his up for more options( I appreciate his honesty), I was sad but I left the next day n I asked him so basically were ****ing buddies n he said yh kinda I went to bed early so the next morning I sent him a long text explaining that it might have been a mistake that I slept with him but I don't regret and I won't carry on with this friends with benefit stuff n I won't b some girl who waits around for nothing to happen even worse he has other options. he replied saying that its my decision n he will respect it cause he doesn't want to hurt me And its not easier for him to keep contact with me only cause were not in the same city, but he still wants to talk to me n b friends. I was like k kl it won't hurt nobody anyway and ever since Sunday he has been talking alot to me more open now n he replies quickly n calls me twice a day (weired ryt ). I mean I'm interested in the guy n I gave him few advice about this girl hs talking to but shes giving him attitude, telling him to work it out and I realize he keeps coming up with excuses that him and the girl won't b cool anymore so I kept on advising him to work it he never knows, he asked y am I advising him to keep contact with this girl I was like ' cause I'm a friend and that's what friends do they give each other helpful advice' he than sent me a text saying hs battery is on 8%(he has to switch off his phone to charge it cause it doesn't charge when on) but he wants to speak to me till it dies, at that moment I was tired n sleepy so I just said goodnyt.

    Plz help what should I do I like the guy!!!!!!

    He's basically using you girl, why would he start calling you more often after his supposed other "girl" is giving him attitude. Stop giving him advice on how to talk to that girl don't you like him yourself? Sleeping with him so soon made you look easy to him.

    Sounds like a real nice guy..

    I get that liking a person makes you want be close to them, but can you not see that being friends with him is just going to rub salt into the wound of the rejection and make you want him even more? If he were a long-term and close friend I'd understand you wanting to continue the friendship, but you barely know this guy and considering that you live in different places it's not like he's going to be an unavoidable part of your life. When you're attracted to someone it's very easy to feel a 'connection' that often isn't there. If it were, he would not have rejected you. If you are feeling humiliated by the rejection and trying to show him that you can cope with being his friend, then stop. It is more than dignified to simply walk away from someone who doesn't want the same thing as we do. Don't hang around for him to change his mind. That is absolutely not dignified and in doing that you are failing to see your own worth. Him changing his mind will likely not happen, and even if it did you would probably always be bugged by the fact that his attraction to you wasn't as immediate as yours for him. Regardless of whether he is actually trying to mess with your head, he obviously is, so just break off contact and focus on guys closer to home who are interested.
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