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Why am I always ill? Watch

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    I literally always have something wrong with me. This isn't one of those 'omg she wants attention / she's a hypochondriac' threads, it's me asking for help.

    I have had a bad cold now for like 3 weeks off and on, alongside this I've had stomach flu and migraines. Normally, even when I don't have these I have an ongoing heart condition that plays up unexpectedly.

    It's really starting to affect my studies now, and its the second placement shift on a ward I've had to miss coz I've got a cold and they don't want me (rightly so!) around MRSA patients.

    I just wish I didn't catch EVERY bug going around, its like my immune system isn't working or something. I am taking corticosteroids for my heart, and I know that lowers immune system response, but I didn't think it'd be THAT bad.

    I don't know what im asking for really, just some advice, maybe some ways to boost the immune system or just get it to man up on its own

    Your immune systems crap

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    How is your diet?

    Take a good multivitamin ecchinea (sp) I've heard is good for immune system if you take it regularly.

    I'm like that. You just have a rubbish immune system.

    You should start drinking orange juice more, I have about 1/3 of a litre a day (you're not supposed to have too much of course), and I have an iron supplement which comes in liquid form and comes with other vitamins in it (you should try it - it's call vitabiotics feroglobin), and since having both the juice and the liquid iron, I'm rarely ill! I used to have a cold about once every other month (which would last about 1-2 weeks), and the illness I have now is the first I've had in months and months (can't even remember since when!).

    Also, if you start to get a cold, before it properly comes on drink loads and loads of orange juice. When I can feel my throat getting a bit sore/sneezing, etc, I drink 1-1.5 litres of orange juice and I'm usually better by the next day!

    Either that or you're slowly being carbon monoxide poisoned haha.
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