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Started a job about a month ago, already want to leave. watch

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    Okay, so I need a bit of advice. I started a job a month ago. It's a small family run business, which I thought would suit me better as it's my first job since graduating. There's aspects of it I love, but it's starting to really get me down.

    Reservations I have about it

    - The job is cash-in-hand. This wouldn't be an issue, but I'm fairly sure I'm not even being paid minimum wage. The boss said something about keeping us under the threshold for NI payments. I don't even know if I'm on the books because of the next point

    - I've not got a contract. Nothing. Not a scrap of paper that signifies that I work there. This really worries me. No guaranteed hours either, as the job is dependent on bookings and if there are none, there is no work.

    - We've been given very minimal training. Two of us were hired, and the both of us have been left numerous times on our own having to bumble through the work day as best we can. When we've made mistakes, we've been made to feel it was our fault and we should have known better, even though it has literally never been explained to us. The boss is very passive-aggressive, and doesn't seem to understand or appreciate that this is all new to us and we are going to make the odd mistake. It's as if he didn't really want to hire us, but felt obligated to.

    I realise I should have asked about all this before accepting the job, but I'm quite new to jobhunting and I didn't want to appear "difficult".

    Any advice on what I should do? I'm worried if I bring any of this up that I'll just be sacked.

    I would definitely ask, nicely, if there should have been a contract you signed. Just say 'oh yeah, I was just wondering, my friends said I should have had to sign a contract, did you forget?'. You should also be paying tax, even if it's cash in hand. You need to make sure you're filling in the right paperwork or revenue and customs will find out and get on your back about it being illegal.

    Finally, if they sack you for asking about any of this then that's unfair dismissal and illegal. Then again, if you don't sign a contract there's not a lot of proof you worked there to be sacked in the first place.. it all seems a bit fishy to me.

    - Keep a note of how many hours you work over a pay period. Find out how much tax you should pay (keep in mind your tax free allowance, NI threshold etc.) and your hourly rate. Do you get pay slips?

    - I think that contracts can be verbal as well as a piece of paper. Zero hours contracts are also fairly popular in industries where work is dependent on bookings.

    - Your boss sounds like he doesn't know how to be a boss!

    Can't really say much for that last point but if it were me, I'd be looking for something else so I could leave ASAP!

    Youre young , youre a new grad , youre still finding your feet ... i say quit because it all just sounds fishy to me ... i stayed in a job i hated for about 3 months, and you deffinitely don't want to make that mistake...just try n find something while youre working and give them a week's notice... Good luck!

    You must be paid minimum wage. There is no possible way for an employer to be able to pay you less than MW. Even if you work on bookings, you should be paid MW.

    For example, if one booking requires you to work 5 hours, and are paid £10 per 5 hours, you are working under MW so you need to tell your employer.

    If the business can't survive if it's paying NI, something is wrong. If I was you, i'd look for a new job, but at the same time ask about the pay. Your boss might get a bit funny about it but remind him you should be paid at least MW.

    It doesn't even sound like a proper job, why are you worried about leaving? You have no contract or anything, if you don't want to work there anymore just don't go back, nothing they can do.
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