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    Anyone else get their actual marks back for the questions? I thought the final two (the cross cultural variation and privation 12-marker) were piss easy and I ended up dropping 9 marks on them! What a let down.
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    Getting my actual marks back soon, but we was told overall we all done bad on the privation question even though in mocks with nearly an identical question I was getting 11/12

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    I always received A's in all mocks and past paper and received an A in the exam!! 90ums out of 100 so I'm extremely happy about that, and the fact that I don't have to retake.

    Though it was a harder paper than any of the past paper I did :confused:

    I got my actual marks back. I'll post what I got question for question.

    1a. 2/2 - what is meant by encoding
    1b. 2/2 - difference between STM & LTM encoding
    2a. 4/6 - WMM components
    2b. 2/3 - application of WMM
    3a. 1/1 - sample type (volunteer)
    3b. 2/2 - limitation of sample
    3c. 2/2
    3d. 0/2
    3e. 2/3
    3f. 2/3
    3g. 2/2
    4. 8/8 (A01: 4, A02: 4) - misleading info
    5a. 3/4 - content analysis
    5b. 4/4 - limitation of content analysis in context
    5c. 2/2 - good quality day care
    6a. 4/4 - behavioural differences between insecure avoidant/resistant
    6b. 1/4 - ability of strange situation to measure attachment type
    6c. 1/6 - cross cultural variation
    7. 8/12 (A01: 4, A02: 4) - privation essay

    So altogether, I got 52/72, 1 mark away from an A. I thought the paper was relatively easy, but as you see, I screwed up towards the end, so I missed the grade.

    Its always worth getting marks back like this, so you know where you went wrong, and where you know you can answer any questions on in case you need to retake.

    If anyone has a copy of the paper, I'd like to see the questions again so I know exactly which questions I lost marks on, or if you remember what the question asked.

    (Original post by bongobash)
    That's the exact same as me! I had a good teacher, did well on the mocks but got an E! I really thought I did well so I don't know what happened...
    I'm getting my paper back so that I can see where i went wrong :/ But i was told I would get it for a few months?!
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