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    Hi, I'm a Y12 hoping to get an a A* in Either biology (most likely), maths, physics, or chemistry (least likely)...

    I'm wondering if it is wise for me to resit exams in which I've achieved low As in my AS modules; or if I'm better off leaving it, do high AS grades mean much at A2? Is, say, 80% UMS average in all subjects good enough to make getting an A* overall likely?

    The reason I'd like an A* is to make me stand out to UCL, as I plan to study neuroscience there when i finish Sixth form? Anybody know much about the UCL selection process?




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    In order to get an A* you need an average of 80% overall (including both A2 and AS units) and an average of 90% in just your A2 units. Therefore, retaking the AS units will make absolutely no difference to achieving an A*. However, it may make it easier to get an A overall, as the A2 exams are generally harder - if you get higher As in the AS, you can afford to get Bs in the a2 units and still get an A overall.
    However, your ability to achieve 90% average in your A2 exams will be affected by how much effort you put in and how thoroughly you know the basics - a lot of your A2 courses will build upon the AS knowledge, so at least revise the AS content before starting your A2 lessons. Put a bit more work in, make sure you thoroughly understand the topics as you go along, and do loads of past papers, and then you'll have a reasonably good chance of getting an A*.

    I think so. I am aiming to get an A*, so after getting 83 UMS in C1 I decided to resit in June. Came out with 95 UMS due to C1 being so much easier after most of the ideas were consolidated in C2 (not all though). I was definitely happy that I did it, and now it's taken the pressure off this year, because if I do miss the A* then it's almost guaranteed for me to get an A (already have my results from C3). Also, my school don't predict you A*s unless you get above 90% in AS, and that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't resat. That's all that matters really if you are applying in year 13, as the unis won't see your actual grades until after you have offers. Some people didn't understand why I did it, but it was barely any extra work, didn't negatively affect any other subjects (and I quite enjoyed it!)
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