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Friend made me feel bad about my good results! Watch

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    So we got some of our GCSE results today (I know it's not a big deal but right now it it is!) and I managed to get results that I was really happy with.
    Anyway the friend I walk with came to collect hers at the same time and she saw my results. She instantly became jealous and got really annoyed that I'd done well, she even ended up calling me a cow!!

    Similarly, on the way home she said that it was annoying that she had to walk with me because I do well in everything. I work really hard whilst she goes off to her dance classes every day.
    This friend is usually quite nice but she didn't realise how insensitive she was being.
    Should I tell her that she sort of annoyed me or is this not a big deal at all?!

    Tell her if she keeps at it, just ignore it for today and tomorrow.

    What a child :lol: Honestly, just ignore it, it's just childish. Call her out on it if she doesn't let it go.

    it happens, you just have to ignore it at the time. they'll get over it in a few days.. although i appreciate that doesn't help for now and it often smothers the happiness you should be feeling right now! oh well eh? well done though

    I have some really *****y friends who have done worse than this;

    We all went to the pub after A level results, and I jokingly said "Party at A#!'s house" to which she said "Yeah okay!!" because the pub was sooo expensive... So I said to her that I would drive to Tesco, get some drink, and then pick her back up from the pub and drive to her house so we were there before everyone else showed up (so I was doing the nice thing really...) about 10 minutes later when I picked her up she randomly started going "E#! You're such a ***** inviting everyone to my house!" (I hadn't invited anyone... I suggested the party, to which she agreed...) and then she accidently hit me in the face with her phone (I was walking next to her and she swung her arm out) and then blamed me for standing too close to her and she didn't even say sorry! And it ****ing hurt!! Still, I drove her to her house and didn't let it phase me.

    A couple of weeks later we planned to meet up, so I said I would pick her up from her BF's house as he didn't live far from me, and drive her to your house, when I picked her up she said "I'm only going home for an hour and then I am gunna go back to T#!'s house" WTF?! So then I said to her "Look... I'm not your taxi, you can't plan to meet up with me and then bail on me for your BF who you see ALL the time... You treat me like **** as it is, like when I did the decent thing of driving you to your house after the pub and you called me a ***** and hit me in the face and didn't even say sorry..." blah blah blah.

    So yeah, sorry this turned into a story about my friend... But I just needed to get that off my chest I suppose Haha!

    Soo... If your friend keeps treating you like crap, say something and put her in her place, but at the moment, just leave it; she is only jealous because you did so well

    "She's quite nice."

    It's simply jealousy, personally i would just ignore it...
    Well done on your results!

    Ask her why she did so poorly, ask her if she needs help, and then ask her why she isn't so intelligent. The curiosity will save the friendship. :^_^:
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