English Literature AS: Struggle For Identity In Modern Literature.

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Hello, I'm new here, so I'm really not sure how things work, but I am currently studying this as one of my A-Levels, and my exam is in 3 months time, I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice (ideally someone who has taken this exam and has knowledge in this subject area please),
for the 45 mark question, (roughly 45 minutes should be spent on this), how should I divide my time? So far, my exam plan is this:
5 minutes at start mind map on wider reading examples I have that are similar, and then 5 mins on contrasting examples,
15 mins writing about the actual extract given, writing about the time frame in which it was presented, how readers from our age intrepret it, and how readers/viewers of that era interpreted it, what has changed since then.
Final time writing about wider reading in depth.

So, can anyone suggest a better/improved way to use my time wisely (I'm only really worried about this part of the paper, so please don't worry about the other parts, it's just section A!)
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I'm having the same problem
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I did the AS lit exam and from what I can remember the exam is two hours long right?
because the way I did it is spend 50 mins on each section (for ten minutes reading and planning) and then write the essay - of course how you spend your time depends on how organised you are mentally and if you're good at reading and writing.

My advice is to put more thought into the structure of your essay rather than the time plan. So for example
Intro: What is the text about/ who wrote it/ how are they struggling for identity/ why are they? basically, context
Main body: this is where you'll be identifying language features and discussing how language has been used to convey the struggle for identity. You'll also cross reference this with your wider reading - I recommend you use a text which is similar to the exam question (e.g. if the struggle for identity was homosexuality, you might write about how Jeanette Winterson's presentation differed from the exam text in Oranges are not the only fruit. It also IMPERATIVE to write about at least one play, one poem and one prose, as that counts for 10% of your marks.
And finally conclude with how language was used, was it effective, basically tie it all together.

I hope some/any of this helped you! if you need anymore help feel free to private message me

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