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I feel a bit low. I really miss my old job. Watch

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    Hi! I'm 19 and a second year Uni student.

    Over the 3-4 month Summer, I applied for a part-time job (so it could stay part-time once I went back to Uni).

    It was at the local Marks & Spencer. I've always been a bit shy/quiet but for some reason I just felt really confident at the interview. I was over the moon when I got the job and I remember saying thank you about 3 times when they told me haa.

    But, cutting in short, since i started in May 2012, they've always kept me on a temporary contract. Some I started with had theirs ended because apparently "they weren't up to" doing stuff, but I've always been there. In December, after having to work Boxing Day - and extra, I was told my contract wasn't going to be renewed, and that I would have to apply again.

    So after 8 months of working in the food hall which I'll be honest, I know it's a job, but I loved it, and I had to go to working in the store's warehouse. I've been out there 10 weeks now and I just hate it. They are all nice and friendly out there, and I knew them from when I worked in the food hall, but I just don't like the job at all. I applied for a retail/sales assistant one. Not one getting deliveries in, working in a cold dull warehouse, emptying bins, pushing trollies...

    They could do what they wanted as it's only a temporary contract and I accept that. The Managers' always told me I was doing a good job too, but I just really miss it out in the food hall.

    Last week I thought to myself "today has been good". I then started to think why... for 2 hours of my shift, they got me back working in the foodhall as they were low on staff. I was only putting stock out but I felt a lot happier.

    EVERYONE at that store is just so friendly, welcoming, funny, helpful, and I enjoy that part of being there, but I just don't like this warehouse job whatsoever.

    I applied for a job at Apple. I got an email today saying I could attend an interview next week. Thing is, everyone who works in the local Apple Store looks miserable. I'm worried if I got offered a job there and went for it, it wouldn't have the same friendly atmosphere.

    I've been told by someone at work that as soon as a job comes up, they'll tell me, and I've been told i'm missed, but working out the back, not assisting customers - which I liked, and having to work on my own at times isn't nice.

    There's nothing that makes me smile about it. In the food hall, I liked the customers. Near Christmas when a Manager was on their phone, and ignored her, a lady came over to me. I helped her and then walking past the Manager, she said to him "Nice to see the younger generation can help". Another time, there wasn't a certain meal on the shelves. An older couple - one of those couples you just feel like hugging, asked if there was any anywhere else. I went out the back, found the last one, and they were ever so thankful! I loved days like that. It just made me feel like I was doing my job properly. I like encouragement.

    Sorry for the big essay, but do you think they'd ever take me back in there? I just miss it loads. It just makes me feel down. What would you do?

    It sounds like you had a great time working there , I would love that sort of job . Im currently looking for a job in supermarkets and various retail stores and my main worry is that the job will consist of drone like activities which leave me depressed with my sole motivator being the money.

    I worked at Clintons last year as a Christmas temp and I absolutely loved it . The pay was decent , the job was simple but what I loved the most was the feel of it , im quite a scrooge but the smile on peoples faces as they bought their christmas shopping , the banter I would have with customers was brilliant . The old people that would say little things that just made your day. It was such a satisfying job.

    I wasn't the most productive employee as I didn't have the most upsales but my manager and colleagues noticed multiple times that I had a way of connecting with the customers.

    One time there was this absolute stunner who looked about 19 (im 17 but get told I look older) she was buying 2 one direction calendars and I was in the mood so I go to her "One direction fan hey ? " she laughs and tries to explain that shes buying them for her relatives but I keep the banter going and crack jokes . After a minute or two she says by to me gives me a cheeky smile and my male colleagues were all patting me on the back.

    Anyway back to helping you out , personally id wait it out with hopes of getting the job back in the hall . Perhaps the Apple job would be more satisfying than your current position in the warehouse but do you think it would be worth waiting it out in the warehouse with hopes of getting a position in the food hall ? Maybe you should attend the interview just to see what happens

    the apple job is probably better if you're into helping people, I imagine you'll be advising and interacting with customers much more than your old job at M&S
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    Hi! Just an update on this (OP here), I mentioned about my old job. My current contract ends next Friday, but I've just found out today I am being made permanent plus I'm getting my old job back at the end of April!
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