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    So a little about me:
    I'm a girl, 22, 5"9 and a size 8. I am not sure of my weight as I don't weigh that often, but probably around 134 lbs.
    I'd like to make a few changes. I have a slim frame (small waist, not large build) and a pear shape - like many women I primarily gain weight around my bum and hips. When I was 17, I gained weight while living in the UK. I moved back home, and over a month I went on a diet and exercised and dropped 22 lbs.
    I'd ideally like to lose a few lbs - I'm more comfortable being slightly skinnier. I'd also like to slim down my thighs (VERY difficult, I've tried that before), get a better stomach, more energy and stronger arms.

    From experience, my shape fluctuates pretty quickly. It takes little for me to gain, but I can also lose weight effectively when I'm dedicated.
    I'm a member of a local gym in my area - it's an extremely high end gym with great expertise (and a ridiculous member's fee). When I joined, a trainer showed me a set of exercises. I've been doing them a bit on my own, but can't quite make it work. When I feel like I'm doing it wrong, it makes no sense to continue. Usually I just go to spin class, as it's at least guaranteed a good cardio.

    I've had the flu for a couple of weeks but now I want to get back to the gym. I have a break from uni and am applying for jobs, I am hoping to get a system with internship + job so that I have a routine and can go to the gym regular hours.
    I am thinking of getting a personal trainer sometime before summer. That way I can do both cardio, weights and flexibility exercises. Firstly, I will start going to the gym again, and do what I can in the machine area/take classes.

    But I'm just wondering - from experience, knowledge, or what you've observed - how much change usually happens in one or two months? I am willing to invest in a PT but not necessarily over an extremely long amount of time.
    Say I aim to exercise with him 4-5 times a week. How quickly would I progress?

    Edit: I forgot to add I am looking for replies to my question only. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I know TSR, and there are always responds completely unrelated or criticizing various aspects of your question. I wouldn't have mentioned a PT unless I knew I could afford it.

    You don't need a personal trainer its an unnecessary expense. However, if you're aiming to get in shape make sure you do some strength and weight training alongside cardio. Cardio alone will make you lose weight but also muscle which is not good, to be fit and "toned" you need to build good muscles.

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    I really all depends on your diet and what type of exercise you do.
    When I started weightlifting (the sport, not just normal "gym stuff" )and sorted my diet out I noticed a difference in my physique within 3-4 months. I lost overall body fat and had more defined arms and legs. I lost 2 clothes sizes.
    Then I added in sprints and kettlebell work over the summer and lost another dress size.
    What exactly do you plan to do and eat? Since you are already very slim it will be hard for you to make very noticeable changes in clothes sizes etc, but you will be able to increase strength and/or fitness.

    I started weight training + doing 20 mins intervals 5-6 days a week and noticed a difference in about 4-6 weeks. I didn't lose or gain weight as such, just got slimmer and more toned. Plus even more beefy legs...

    I'm the sort of person that never really loses or gains weight though, unless it is in the form of muscle.

    I'm also 5ft9 and a size 10 with an hourglass figure if that makes any difference.
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