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    I went on holiday to Egypt and made friends with an Egyptian guy. He was really nice and we had some good chats, and I was grateful to have made a friend there. However, soon he started saying that he liked me and wanted to kiss me (I said no repeatedly but he didn't give up) however I still saw and talked to him because I liked his company. Then he started saying how he thinks he could 1 day love me and kissed me. I let it happen once but then he tried again and I moved away but he then got a little forceful. Then it moved on to him asking for sex, saying he'd give me the 'best night of my life', and wouldn't take no for an answer. He basically begged me to go in the 'closet' with him, and when I said no, he rang my hotel phone and asked again, and then said 'fine then you will never talk to me again.'

    On my last day I went to say goodbye people and he was there, and said he wanted to talk to me in the other room, however all he did was kiss me and try and touch me. After he went out and I followed, I said 'bye' he just said 'cya.'

    I added him on facebook and most of what he talked about was sexual, although he said other things like he missed me. He kept wanting me to go on cam, and when I refused to show my body he said 'then I will never talk to you again'. A few days later he blocked and deleted me, and said it's because he is scared that I will love him.

    I feel like a total idiot, despite everything I kind of liked him, from the first times when he was 'normal' and we just chatted. Now I feel like he thinks I was easy, and saw me as someone to use, I have been in an abusive relationship (he knew this) so maybe I came across as desperate. Is it all my fault?

    Considering you kept pushing him away, and he wasn't happy about that, then you do not seem easy, or desperate, but as someone who knows what you want. You stood up for yourself and didn't give in, and that is incredible.
    It is not your fault. This guy obviously just wanted to get some, and you were his target.
    Many people seem 'normal' until you get to know them.
    He was just a jerk, and you should be proud for standing up for yourself.
    It is not your fault, at all!

    Although I don´t want to generalise, but being arab guy myself, this guy was definetely just trying to have sex with you and after he had gotten what he wanted he would have probably left you.
    Now, I don´t know if you eventually would have wanted to establish a long-term relationship with this dude, but from what I´ve heard from you about this guy he would have only wanted to have sex with you and that´s it.
    Also when you didn´t show him your body he deleted you as a friend, that is good enough for you to understand that he´s a douce.

    So I believe you did the right choice

    how has he used you? how were you easy? you didn't sleep with him, thank god. you are not easy but for what i gather on your post you need to avoid people like that. if you say, then it's no. don't allow men to manipulate you by making you feel guilty. you did well not sleeping with him. be strong
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