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Help!Did He Actually Mean This!:/ Watch

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    Okay so today I went to a wedding and my mate fron high school happened to be there as he was related to the bride.And he came up to me,gave me a hug and was like hey long time!Just casual conversation.He's like he'll talk to me later and I'm like okay.So I see him laters and he asks me to come with him cause he wants to talk and I'm like okay.So he took me to a private room,and I'm like 'why do we have to go to a private room'?He's like the musics so loud so we sat down,touches my knee and then he's like 'Let's get on it'I'm like the ****?!Are you drunk?And he's like nah so I asked him how much did you drink and he's like a couple of glasses.Then says how I look mighty beautiful and all and how I look sexy in this dress.I don't think he was drunk as he could walk straight,I don't know.He quickly changed the subject and ask about school and stuff,I said I had to left after and he followed so I'm like okay ill see you laters.I thought maybe he was drunk so I left it.But I don't know if he actually was.I mean I kinda did like him a teensy bit and I'm just confused on whether he actually likes me or if he just wanted to get into my pants or was he just drunk,I heard drunk people tell the truth?Is that true?:/

    Like, learn to type coherently without like, using like like every other scentence.

    He was probably just trying to get in your pants and the small amount of alcohol probably gave him the conference to try it on

    Just trying to get in your pants, probably took another girl up straight after.

    Inebriation, private quarters, slight intimate contact, insubstantial compliments regarding one's physical appearance... I believe that is the contemporary human male mating ritual.

    Yes, he was trying to give you the D.
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