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deep/intense conditioning treatment watch


    (Original post by sarahthegemini)
    Thank you so much for this, that is unbelievably helpful I did worry that I'd need a trim, my hair isn't particularly long (about shoulder length) but I reckon a good few inches will need to he chopped off I will take all your advice on board, I didn't realise things such as excessive lathering and scrubbin the scalp made a difference :eek: so I will work on this too. First things first, go to the hairdressers :/ I've never really taken great care of my hair, so this will be a shake up. New hair and a new routine!
    No problem glad I could help

    Yeah - I know it's annoying! I spent aaages (over 2 years -.-) growing my hair long, past my shoulders, and it was so frustrating getting it cut to between chin and shoulder length simply because it was so damaged. But it does feel nice to have a sort of "fresh-start" with your hair and get rid of bad habits.

    I didn't know either until my hairdresser was talking to me about how I could prevent damaging my hair again after I'd had it cut. I'd always assumed hair was pretty resilient and it was only excessive straightening / blow-drying that would be bad for it, but then she reeled off a long list of things I shouldn't be doing. Took me by surprise but turns out she was right haha

    Ah, sounds like a good plan, good luck

    the aussie 3 minute miracle treatments do wonders for my hair which i straighten every day and dye with 30 / 40 vol peroxide every few weeks. They manage to restore my hair almost to its original curlyness which really is an achievement considering it stopped being like that years ago!

    Moroccan oil products are absolutely amazing too but the proper ones are expensive (not the £2 argan oil rubbish from primark! )

    Washing it with water as cold as you can stand prevents damage (i only started doing this to stop my hair dye fading! :P ) it makes it really shiny

    you can also train your hair to go without washing for longer, i can wash my hair only twice a week (i still shower obv.) and it only just starts to get greasy, dry shampoo is also a god
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