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    Hey everyone,
    I'm REALLY REALLY bad at organizing and I am really behind on all my subjects at sixth form. I take law, politics history and English lit As's but I just can't organize myself! I have really messy notes which I don't even understand and my folders are just out of control. I always hand in my work late purely because of my poor organisation skills. I need to start revising like now because I have to retake my exams that i've done badly in. Can someone PLEAAASE help me and tell me how I should organize myself and sort my notes out so I can actually revise effectively. I'm really worried as its getting out of hand and I want to work hard and do well which is NOT possible right now !!!!!!!!!!


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      Get a binder. You can choose binders with zippers, if you worry about papers falling out, or without zippers, since they can be opened and closed more quickly. Have a two-pocket folder for homework--one side for papers that you need to take home and work on, and the other side for the work that you have completed and needs to be turned in the next day. This makes it easier to know what homework you have to turn in or not. Also on top of papers, put your name in case you lose it and someone else finds it!

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      Get any supplies that you may need, but don't have. Being prepared is important. Even if that certain item wasn't on the supplies list, you should get it if you really feel you need it. Get anything you may need. As they say, "Better safe, than sorry." Good things you might need:
      • Number 2 Pencils or Mechanical Pencils
      • Tabs to mark pages
      • Folders & Binders
      • Erasers
      • Paper Clips
      • Mini Stapler/Stapler refills/Staple remover
      • Planner
      • Notebooks/Composition Books
      • Loose-leaf Paper

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      Organize your backpack. If you already have an organized backpack, skip to the next step.
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      Go through folders and get rid of papers you no longer need. Having all of those extra papers that you got back a month ago in your folder will make it heavy. It may bend and tear. But worst of all, you won't be able to find papers when you need them. Put all graded papers in a separate folder when you clean out the folders from school. To summarize this up if you don't understand - Clean out the folders you do use, put all graded work that you cleaned out in an extra folder or binder, keep it under your bed or in your closet.
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      Clean out your locker. If you have a locker, it may get messy. See if the school will allow you to bring in a shelf. That way, you can put books on one, extra papers or supplies. But before you install that shelf, clean out any papers you don't need. (Remember to clean out your locker every week or two. This will ensure that your locker will stay clean and organized.)
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      Get a planner. Planners are very helpful. Most schools sell them, but some don't. Buy one or make your own if the school doesn't provide one. Write down homework, tests, club meeting dates, anything that you need to know or anything you may forget. Make sure to look in it before you go home so that you take home everything that you need.
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      Put papers in folders. This may seem obvious, but put any papers you need to keep in its subject folder. Don't let loose papers mangle about. Take those extra seconds and put them in a folder. That way, you'll have them when you need them.
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      If you have an important paper that you don't want ruined, try getting some page protectors. Another way to get organized is to use an accordion folder. Accordion folders are the folders that expand and have many places for different kinds of paper. An expandable file folder. Having all your papers in one is better than having a whole bunch of folders.
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      Focus on your work. When you get to class, don't goof off with friends. Pay attention and write down your homework in your planner and begin any assignments. If you have no assignments to work on,talk quietly. Never draw a teacher's attention to you with goofy behavior.
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      When you know something is due in say, two weeks, get your supplies as soon as possible. When you get your supplies, draft out what you will be doing with your project. Work on it a little each day. Do not wait until the last minute to begin your project. The night before the project is due, look over it. See if you have missed any important steps. Put what is due in a small pile next to your backpack. If it is an essay, put it in your folder. If it is raining or snowing, put your project in your backpack or cover it with a garbage bag.
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      If you use a laptop for your schoolwork, print your work out on the next opportunity you have. This can stop you from getting into trouble with your teachers/wasting a lot of time printing a bulk of papers off at the weekend. Also be sure to have everything on your laptop backed up in case it goes horribly wrong.
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      At your house, designate a spot for school. Have a desk with paper, pencils, pens and other school supplies in your room or in a place where it is quiet. This is for your homework and projects. All supplies should be kept here.
    • 13
      Put your backpack by your desk. This will let your body know that this is a place for work and not a place to play.
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      Put dates on your papers. When you start taking notes, put the date at the top of the paper, so that if the teacher wants the work from a specific day, you'll have it. Also, if a friend needs notes from a certain time you'll have it.
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      Do homework as soon as you get it. Do it that same night before your favorite program comes on TV or you go out. If you don't, I can guarantee you will be doing it on the bus, or you won't do it all and then get in trouble with the teacher.
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      Catch up on missed work. If you're absent, do the make-up work right away. If you don't then you will get behind and maybe even miss out a whole section which might come up in some end of year exams.
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      Use plastic sleeves or hole punch sheets to keep them together in your folder. This organizes everything and prevents the opportunity of losing anything.
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      Start up your own personal day planner. This one, though, isn't for your school day, it's for the free time you have after school and on weekends, etc. This can keep you in the routine of setting out your day, and make you feel much more organized and prepared. Even if it sounds like too much work, give it a go! It will only help you.
    • 19
      Label with sticky paper. Every night take all your school stuff home including binders, folders, notebooks, etc., and label it according to period, subject, and time that class starts. I also recommend putting your current grade on the inside of the appropriate notebook/folder for that subject. It will help you stay focused on getting it higher.
    • 20
      Take everything you need back home before you leave school. You don't want to be doing homework and notice you forgot a binder or notebook.
    • 21
      Get a big binder. Make sure it will hold everything you will need to complete your work.
    • 22
      Also make sure that if you need to clean out your desk make sure that you clean it out before school so that you can find anything you need in your desk. If you don't have a desk then don't worry about this one. That simple.
    • 23
      Make sure you only worry about yourself. If you start worrying about other people or letting people "copy" your homework, just tell them no. Say you need to stay organized and you need to keep your grades up and you can't cost them losing your homework paper.
    • 24
      If you miss a lesson, be sure to copy up the work. You don't want to get in trouble with a teacher because you missed a lesson and didn't catch up.
    • 25
      Clean out your locker, folder, or binder once a week. You probably don't need to fully clean them out, but be sure to check every once in a while.
    • 26
      Have an organized room. If your room is cluttered you will be stressed and you won't find anything you need in time. Can't find your permission slip that got lost in your book storage box? Time to empty out shelves and organize them again.

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    wow thankyou so muchh!! I can't tell you how much this has helped me !

    Glad I Helped
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