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    Hey, I'm currently in year 12 thinking about applying to study either chemistry or pharmocology. I've got a couple of questions that I need answering, any help is appreciated

    1. what kind of work experience would be beneficial and look good on applications? I've already done a week in a hospital as I wanted to study medicine at the time but is there any related to pharmocology that'd be better?

    2. I've got my ears pierced and stretched, I was planning on gradually shrinking them down so when I went for interviews for medicine they'd be normal piercings/closed but would stretched ears be frowned upon when applying for pharmacology?

    Thanks again

    I'm in year 13 at the moment, holding 4 offers for chemistry - UCL, Imperial, Reading, and QMUL (Pharm. chem).

    Personally, I didn't have any work experience :rolleyes:. The only thing that I mentioned was that I did three weeks assisting a science teacher in my old secondary school - pretty easy to get a placement like that. Before I decided to do chemistry, I wanted to do pharmacology and I was told that working in a pharmacy would be as relevant as it gets really. That's why science students have it a bit easier than med students

    As for the stretched ear/piercings, I have both of mine stretched to 20mm and no one seemed to care I did hide my septum ring though, just to be on the safe side haha!
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    Hi xelijahrrx,

    To answer your questions, any work experience looks great, even if it isn't related to chemistry or pharmacology. Make sure you relate your experience to transferable skills that you gained and how those skills will help you on your course.

    As far as your piercings go, different institutions have different views on them. More prestigious universities may frown upon them, although that may not be a deciding factor on if your application is successful or not. Others welcome people with a more unique appearance as it provides a wider variety of students at the university. See what type of universities you will want to apply for and go from there.

    I hope this helps you!

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