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Girl invited me to stay with her on holiday... Should I go? watch


    (Original post by skumgummi)
    We all know girls aren't this simple.
    Most of us are. Honestly :yes:

    If you don't go she'd take it as a rejection. Just go and don't **** it up.

    (Original post by RichyFrench)
    Take your wellies 'cause you're gonna be knee deep...
    LOL best comment so far

    she sounds rich, go for it

    (Original post by emilie18)
    Most of us are. Honestly :yes:
    Well, I've obviously met the wrong girls... being straight forward doesn't seem to get me anywhere
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    (Original post by uberteknik)
    Question is.......what do you want out of the relationship?

    Is this question a way of asking if she is serious or not? Are you afraid of rejection - that she sees you as casual and not serious?

    Or are you worried she may get the wrong impression, when you want nothing more than a friendship with the bonus of jiggy jiggy?
    I definitely wanna go out with her but I just wanna know where I stand, but I don't wanna ruin it by asking her straight out ''are we dating/ seeing eachother''. She has friends staying with her before I get there but will be gone by the time I get there, so this must be a good thing :/. So you wouldn't ask her what our status is ?
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    Go with the flow. Take up the offer hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

    Use the opportunity for some intimacy to find out all about her in conversation late one evening.

    Don't force it, be natural. Long walks or bottles of wine by the beach alone late at night. be the perfect gentleman.

    If she likes you, her questions will get more intimate too. Pick your moments, tell her your innermost thoughts, i.e. show her you are vulnerable but trust her. If she wants to take it further, you will find out.

    Go for it. :-)

    And make sure she can't even walk straight after.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Recently started seeing this girl i've known for years and we've been seeing eachother when we can as i'm at uni still and she works.

    We haven't really spoke about relationship talk as we seem to just enjoy eachothers company, we do fancy eachother though.

    Tonight she asked if i want to stay at her dad's place abroad with her... Does this mean she's very interested or can she still see us as being casual?

    Also is there a way of getting it out of her what she thinks we are? bit of fun or something else?

    any help would be great!
    will we ever find out what happend to this bloke?
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