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    Pope Pius X (1003-1914) is on records saying:

    "the roots of modern apostasy lay in scientific atheism, dialectical materialism, rationalism, Illuminism, laicism, and Freemasonry - which is the mother of them all . . . "

    (Quoted in Paul A. Fisher, 1991, Their God is the Devil)

    Really he means Secularism. That's what he means when he says Freemasonry and many popes have tried to warn society of approaching secularism which wants to curb or destroy the powers of the Christian Church.

    In France it is called Laicism, and the motto of French secularism is Egalite, Liberte et Fraternite. Laicism is anti-clergy.

    Take a look at America:


    This organisation was created for Protestantism.

    In its first years a main focus of AU's activity was opposition to the political agenda of the Roman Catholic Church...

    In Turkey:


    Kemal Ataturk was a Freemason and a Kabbalist and allegedly was a Doenmeh:


    The roots of secularism do not lie in the separation of Church and State but lie in the agenda to break down the powers of Christianity that began under Freemasonry. Of course, it has spread to all religions, which is just what Marx and other Marxian intellectuals would hope it would do. Nor does Secularism lie in atheism. Atheism, as a movement at least, and although it advocates the separation of Church and State, is a tool used to further the secular agenda. Secularism is not anti-religion, it is merely another religion; it serves to curb the powers of dominant religion so that it itself becomes dominant as a principle of religious pluralism. Laicite and Freemasonry are not fundamentally anti-religious. Their character and their essence is religious and spiritual, just of a different form. Now that's not to say that Atheists are religious. They are clearly not. They can be spiritual however. The point is that ardent secularists and the Atheist movement have been useful tools to advance secularism/Laicite which is the social and political ideology of Freemasonry. And who could not notice the essential character of American enlightenment: Deism?!

    The modern form of the Atheist movement was actually a response to a different kind of religion, which sought to affirm a divine creator through science and questioning instead of through Christian scripture. The seeds of explicit atheism (which I, Dawkins, Hitchens propose) were sown by the likes of Newton (a spiritualist), Descartes (religious and spiritual), Lessius (Jesuit), and Mersenne (Jesuit).

    Secularism in the UK is a strange phenomena but not surprising given that the Church of England is both Protestant and Catholic. This is proof that the essence of the secular movement in the UK is of a religious character, even though everyone believes that the separation of Church and State would be spearheaded under an explicit atheism. In the UK this is not the case, and it is not the case in America either, nor in France, nor in Turkey. Nor even India where the roots of modern Secularism lie with Nehru at the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inner_Temple

    Nor anywhere in the world. In Canada the Charter in 1982 drafted in secular freedoms. The Jesuit trained alleged Freemason Trudeau championed it. Trudeau fought for religious freedom.

    Doesn't this show that the modern atheist movement is the tool of a secular ideology under a non-dogmatic religion, but a spiritualised form of religion?

    In the UK the Protestant Churches are headed by Queen Elizabeth and Rowan Williams as some like to believe. Williams spoke out against Freemasonry but his approach was really to attack modern liberal ideas in the manner of Karl Barth. Ironically, Williams spawned the Radical Orthodoxy Movement. The Queen is the upholder of the faith in the UK, but she and her family do not believe in the faith. Duke of Kent is a Freemason. Elizabeth is Head of the Order of the Garter. Prince Philip is allegedly the highest ranking Freemason in the UK. And Charles may next be the first Masonic king since William IV.

    So I think that Pope Pius' comments may be accurate. But what do you think?
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