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There are some really horrid people on TSR watch


    People have committed suicide after posts on here?? That's horrible.

    I had a conversation on here about something, can't remember specifics but it was the exact kind of debate that tends to turn into "You're a f*n idiot" etc, and it never did. Every time I clicked on the "who quoted me" bit I would wince, expecting someone to be horrible, but they never were. And it made me realise that I was genuinely shocked that throughout the entire conversation, people were being constructive, helpful and polite. I wish it was always like that

    (Original post by Hal.E.Lujah)
    Some of the most horrible people on this site are completely open, long standing members. The subscription area box is a poisonous place to start with, and certain cliques can be found all-over this site, even amongst moderators. Stray into these at your own peril.

    I'd say the site is institutionally rotten, simply because it lacks a simple and direct rule system, instead relying on a pyramid scheme which tends to punish the regular members.

    I still love TSR.

    (Quickly checked the rules to see that there was nothing wrong with posting this, please just delete it if there is, there's no possible way I can know)
    Sounds like school all over again.

    I think it would be sensible to have a "newbie questions" (not called exactly that) zone where new members (say, less that 10 posts so far) could ask things without the rep system operating. Most of the idiots that OP refers to are chasing rep with one-liners, many of them quite offensive or nasty.

    There are some really horrid people on TSR.......

    .....just like any other internet forum...
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    I'm reassured to find that a lot of those negative, blunt posters on this very thread all have a fair few warning points. Eheh.
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