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    I know there are probably a few on here that will say A-Levels are so much harder and stressful than GCSEs, which while true, is not helpful to me.

    I'm in Year 11, and I just feel really pressured and stressed about my exams, and I can't focus on revision. Although I am trying to start revision this week, but I have so many exams :/

    Please can you tell me how you revised for your exams and how you coped with the stress?

    I know how u feel!! I had exa stress and anxiety and panic attacks since GCSE and still at AS. Please get help i.e to talk to smeone ur tutor? Councellor maybe they understand and will help u to minimise it. U can even get support during exams talk to ur exam officer to find out what can bedone. I.e. doing ur exam seperatley alone from the exam hall.

    I had one my worst panic attacks in my life last week when i got my AS result. I couldbt breath couldbt stand and collapsed onto the floor it took me agood hour to recover but SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE!!!

    GOOD LUCK AND REMEMBER GRADE As and A* are not the only way to succeed there sooo many ways to succeed

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    I used loads of different revision methods so that I didn't get too bogged down if I wasn't enjoying what I was doing- and repeating everything really made it stick in my head. Have you tried making a revision timetable, with lots of breaks? It really does help to have everything laid out well and organised, and you'll feel much more in control. If you give yourself lots of breaks then you'll have time to catch up if you fall behind at all- and it's really satisfying to be able to cross off each task as you do it.

    I used flashcards, posters, writing out long summaries of each topic, questions from textbooks, making glossaries of key terms and sticking key words around my room as revision. I switched subject every hour or so to make sure I wasn't getting too bogged down, and made sure I paired my favourite subject with my worst so at least I had something I could do to fall back on.

    I think the main thing to remember is that you're only human- and that it really is fine to get behind, so long as you plan in lots of breaks. GCSE's are really stressful (I found them much more so than A levels!) because it's a really new thing.

    Focus on the exams you have first and find hardest, and revise for them earliest- then, as you start getting more confident with them, bring in subjects you know more about or the exams are later, and revise them.

    Good luck! You'll be fine

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    (Original post by SportsFan)
    Only on TSR
    Yes, only people on TSR care about their GCSE exams. :rolleyes:
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