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Socialising tips for first day/freshers week

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Students on campus, Nottingham University
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The portal always behaves like a bit of a james.
haha, bit of a james! WE invented that down at BGP mofo!
Moving in early is difficult, you can contact the halls ... but in my experience the rule is NO since international students are in till then, then they obviously have to set up for u lovely freshers to arrive.

Socialising tips: girls will make more friends if they look fit, FACT.

guys: approach the fitties first before they make other friends, damn them!
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I'm still getting the Channel error...:confused: :mad: even after refreshing and restarting the channels
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They were doing some maintenance work t the portal today, i wouldn't worry about it. xx
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Go out and wander around the bar and your hall and talk with anyone you wanna. Just go up and say hi. People usually just ask what course are you in and where're you from to start off with.

If you're worried about making friends, a good thing to do is get a TSR Notts network going so you have a few people already to meet up with soon as you get there. Then you all go make your individual friends and you'll end up getting to know their friends too and it carries on... I met most of my friends because of knowing TSR people, 3 of whom are actually from TSR. My best friend and housemate next year is a girl I first met from TSR. Knowing people on TSR surprisingly calms you about making friends lol.

But just go out and talk to anyone and everyone and you'll find people you click with :smile: I certainly did.