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    With some courses such as Medicine it doesn't matter where you do your degree. With others, such as Law it's imperative. I'm just wondering how would it work for a degree such as Chemistry.

    I've basically got offers from all my unis and have narrowed it down to two: Warwick and Sheffield. I have visited both universities and love both universities. They each got brilliant departments and facilities, and offer a Year in Industry (so I'll be getting experience) but they also each got their own cons. I have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind to go to Warwick because of the reputation/prestige it has. Bearing in mind that I'll be getting experience wherever I go, will I be at a disadvantage to an employer for going Sheffield, a mid ranked uni to a person with the same experience but has gone Warwick?
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    Look at the town where you will be living, after all you will be living there for 3 years so better be happy with it.

    Do you like more sedate old world charm with cafes and restaurants or glitzy nightlife, shopping with modern restaurant chains?

    Do you like strolls around historical towns or modern city centers?

    What are the living costs like between the two?

    How much for a night out including travel costs?

    Any student discount schemes operating?

    What is the leaning of the student union?

    You get the picture.
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    Okay, let me add some detail to what I think of each uni:


    Chemistry labs are state of the art
    It's a top 10 uni, and has the 2nd highest graduate employment rate overall. Highly recognized within the UK.
    Nice SU, newly done, though not sure about their events.
    Close to home (about 2hrs), also 20 min train ride from Birmingham
    Department offers more opportunities for internships and summer placements
    Lovely campus
    Leading researchers and professors in their field

    Don't know if I'll like the campus bubble - seems a little claustrophobic to me and you'll regularly bump into people that you might not want to see
    Being from London, I don't know if I'll be able to adjust to living in such small towns (Coventry/Leam Spa)
    Workload seems to be a LOT higher than Sheffield, scared I won't be able to keep up and won't have enough time for societies etc.
    Don't like the idea of commuting into uni from Cov/Leam by bus - had to commute to sixth form which took me 40 mins and found this very exhausting during the two years


    Course seems a lot nicer and I think I can adjust to this workload/course more easily
    SU is bloody awesome and they seem to have a lot of events about
    City uni; so there is more choice and no 'bubble' - I can be as anonymous as I want and I like that I'll get to see the locals a bit more
    Uni gym seems well equipped and well facilitated
    Very friendly staff and people
    Decent labs, but not as good as Warwick
    Accommodation for 2nd/3rd/4th years is close to the uni unlike Warwick where Leamington Spa is 45 mins away and Coventry is 20 mins away
    Cheaper cost of living

    Hills. It seems petty, but it might be a major future annoyance.
    Not as reputable as Warwick, it's mid ranked (around 25th)
    Not as much opportunities for summer internships/placements
    Further away from home, about 3.5 hour train journey away
    Seems like a party city, where most students might be there to get wasted and not for education. Also worried that as a person who doesn't like drinking/clubbing that I'll be pressured to do so.

    I'm at Warwick doing chemistry at the moment and I think its great. The workload is not too bad, I still manage to find time for societies/activities. In the first year we do about 10 lectures a week and a couple of sessions in the lab. The staff are all really helpful as well and they are some of the leaders their fields. The labs are brand new and I don't think you'll find better anywhere. There's always plenty going on on campus, either at the union or the arts centre and I don't find it that claustrophobic, and Birmingham etc. is really easy to get to if you want to get away. I think its awesome here and I'm really enjoying it.
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