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University vs. Full-Time Work watch

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    Hi all,

    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right area of the forum but couldn't find anywhere else for my particular problem.

    Anyway, as the title suggests, this is constant decision a lot of young people are facing with university costs increasing blah blah blah.. and I'm no different.

    My current situation is that I'm working in an accountancy practice and I'm a couple of months off finishing my level 4 AAT qualification (which will make me AAT qualified) and I've decided to also apply to university to keep my options open. I've got into Uni of Nottingham, Kent Uni and Portsmouth Uni to study accountancy/finance degrees (Unfortunately didn't get into Loughborough or Reading).

    Many of you are probably thinking "right, what's your problem then?", the issue I face is do I stay in practice and do my professional qualifications that way or go to uni then revisit my career after that.

    I fully appreciate that I could start my ACA/ACCA qualifications in September and be chartered a lot quicker than if I went to university but my understanding is if you go to university, it seems to get you into the bigger companies and possibly more employable?

    Just wondering if anyone has some actual experience of this dilemma or are slightly further in their study than I am, this is going to be a huge factor in my life so I want to make the right decision.

    Any comments welcomed!

    Thanks guys,


    Im in a similar situation or atleast was only mine was to do with the computing/IT industry instead of accounting, 2-3 years ago I was origionaly meant to go to university, I got 5/5 offers 2 of which were pretty good universities, anyway I chose not to go on the premis I was bored being a student and wanted some "real money"

    Anyway Ive had 2 IT jobs since, 1 as a web designer/content editor and the other a IT Support/Junior Developer, now thats grand I have over a years experience which is what stops most people under degree level getting the jobs, however, Im at a point where I cant really go any higher without a degree,

    And Ideally I would like to work somewhere with more prospects where I could develop and move up, BT would be my ideal employer tbh but thats besides the point,

    Anyway so I dont like my current job so much because It doesnt challenge me, I can do it no problems and need more challenges/responsibility but im stuck in a small company where the only way im gona move up is if someone above me leaves (highly unlikely)

    So ive got offers for uni this year and intend to go in order to have access to higher level jobs, reasons also being:

    -I wouldnt want to go to uni much older than this
    -I might not be as determined/motivated to get a degree in several years
    -I still want to have some fun, experience uni while im young
    -It means I can get into bigger companies (hopefuly) while im younger

    That being said im glad I worked because I met my current gf shortly after deciding not to go to uni, and have a happy relationship, I still get to hang with my local friends, and I have over a years valuable experience,

    The only downside I have of working instead is that, courses I would of prefered are no longer available or the unis I wanted more dont offer those courses anymore, something to think about

    I hope any of this helps you!
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    Thank you,

    I just needed to hear something like that, I hope you excel at university and get into your beloved BT at the end of it!

    How old will you be when you go to uni? I'll be 21, I was thinking that is far too old but apparently that isn't too bad.

    Anyone got any personal opinion of the accountancy situation?

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