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    I basically have very dark brown hair but I want to dye it light brown. Some of those I have looked are: Garnier; Schwarzkopf; L'oreal Paris; John Freida; and Nice n' Easy!

    Which hair colour do you recommend I should dye my hair too?

    Also, which brand should I choose? Easiest to apply? Best results?

    I also want semi-permanent/ temporary - you dye it, and then after quite a few washes it comes out!

    Please help!

    - Becca

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    If you want to go light brown/light (/any colour that isn't blonde) then use Clairol Born Blonde! Seriously! It's like a proper bleach, but it doesn't destroy your hair as much as bleach. I used to always use BBlonde by someone or other, and that's good to use if you actually want to go blonde, but the Born Blonde by Clairol will make it a sort of blondey-coppery-golden colour (I can't describe it haha), and once you've conditioned it (for at least 5 mins), your hair feels practically back to normal. As opposed to the BBlonde which makes your hair feel like actual straw.

    But whatever you do, don't buy the bleach on a separate day haha! It goes a ridiculous colour, so you want to dye it as soon as it's finished being bleached (which also makes it much, much more smoother and glossier than just the bleach).

    You can buy born blonde at Body Care and it's only about £3.50 or something, which will work for your whole head if it's a sort of medium length (ie a few inches past your shoulders max), but if your hair's a bit longer, then as long as you start at the top of your head, it won't really matter if you leave bits of dark brown under the back of your hair.

    As for the dye, I recommend Schwarzkopf Poly Tint! I will never use anything else ever again! It does say permanent on the box (I think?), but it definitely isn't (especially after the bleach). Don't let the fact that it's only £2 a box (you'll probably need 2) put you off, because it's actually really good haha. Because unlike most dyes, it goes no darker than the colour on the box. After the bleach, it will actually probably be a bit lighter, but it's ALWAYS better to have a dye that's too light than too dark.

    The first coat of it will probably only last about 2 weeks before your hair starts getting a bit brassy from the bleach, but then you just buy one box for 2 quid and then it will last like it should do from then on.

    Whatever you do, if you want to go for Schwarzkopf, don't try the country colours one! I couldn't find a colour in the shop I was in in the poly tint, so I thought I'd risk it because it's the same brand, and the colour on the box was 'dark blonde' but my hair came out black (what?!). The colour dark blonde in poly tint is a really nice light brown colour, which is my favourite.

    But if you don't want that brand, then whichever dye you do go for, make sure it's at least 2 shades lighter than you want hahaha. Because it will stick to the bleach like there's no tomorrow, and will end up stupidly dark.

    Oh and make sure that the colour you go for doesn't have any red tinges/hints/tints in it at all! Stay well away from anything like 'chocolate/warm', and make sure it's either a dark blonde (which can actually go up to a light brown) or something that has 'cool' in it, like a 'cool mocha' or an 'iced latte' (don't ask why the first actual dyes I thought of were coffee as well hahaha). Because the bleach will make your hair much more red than it would have otherwise gone.

    I'd also steer clear of L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in ANY shade of brown, because as good as it CAN be, it's never good from when it's bleached, and fades after just a few washed to a red colour. But the colours I mentioned a minute ago were L'Oreal, and from what I remember they were cool light colours. But I still stick to my poly tint recommendation!
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