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    I've been sexually active for about 3.5 months now and every week that my period is due I start to panic in case I might be pregnant. I'm always looking in the mirror trying to deduce whether my belly looks bigger (i have always had a tiny little bit of belly fat there, its just my shape, but I can't help but stare at it in fear)

    Me and my boyfriend ALWAYS use condoms and i've been on the pill as well for at least 48 hours before whenever we've had have sex, so there's very little chance of it actually happening, I know. But i'm still scared.

    My period was 2 weeks late 2 months ago and I freaked out, took 3 pregnancy tests (all of which came back negative, thank goodness) and then my period finally came along. My mum says I was just worrying about it too much and also I know the pill can mess with your menstural cycle.

    My period is due in about 4-5 days time now, and i'm getting rather jumpy again. The more stressed I am, the more likely it is that it'll be late, I know.

    Does anyone else go through this, does anyone have any tips on not panicking about it?

    I go through this a lot, I always panic if I'm bloated or a couple of days late!
    If you're being safe, there's very little chance anything will happen, and you've got to remember that.
    But if you are paranoid still, maybe it's because you don't trust the contraception you're using. You could try thinking about more reliable solutions, such as a coil or an implant, as well as condoms, as the pill can easily be forgotton?

    If your period is late, take another test. Or wait a couple more days to see if your period comes, and if not, test then. Use first morning urine, when the pregnancy hormone would be at it's most concentrated level if you are pregnant.
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