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Struggling with sex life, please help watch

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    But tbh I'm not entirely certain that he is overusing porn etc to cause reduction in our sex life - to be perfectly honest I'm not sure when he'd have to time to regularly sit down and watch porn. But this is what I'm saying, I don't want to assume this without knowing. I need to talk to him and find out I guess. If this is the case then, no it's not how it should be and we need to work on it, but if it's not the case and there's another reason for our problems then I have no issues with him watching porn occasionally.

    Yes I am inexperienced, but I also think porn kinda has a place in a young guy's sex life regardless of whether he's is a relationship or not. It only becomes an issue if it is too much, and is what is causing lack of sex.

    A guy not into sex?

    I don't know what to say...

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    you need to be more confident, confidence is definitely the sexiest thing.

    he might just have a low sex drive...speak to him about it?

    (Original post by arafath)
    awww i honestly feel sorry for u. there's nothing much u can do about it. hope you have sex with him oneday. if i was living somewhere near you i could have tried to satisfy you by having sex with u.
    Only on TSR.

    whilst hes licking you out get him to spell yorkshire.lad with his tongue,

    lock and close.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Right,, so we've been together for 18 months, and he was my first,but he's had a few girlfriends etc before. Ever since we've been together we've mainly only had sex once a month, despite sleeping over at each other's houses (both live w parents) twice and sometimes 3 times a week. I'm pretty shy, and although comfortable completely with him, I'm very inexperienced in the bedroom - though not through lack of want or trying.

    Recently I brought up the subject properly, and we had a good chat. He said he needed me to initiate more, as 90% of the time it is him initiating. Again, not through lack of trying - I try to initiate but think I'm too subtle, or when trying to start sexy texting I'm apparently to forward/out of the blue.

    I bought some sexy underwear for Valentines day to surprise him and spice things up, but certain things such as him being tired and parents hanging about too much meant I couldn't do it. And still haven't found an opportunity since

    Despite having had the important convo, our sex life is still going nowhere. We last had intercourse 3 weeks ago, and I'm feeling really frustrated. But whenever I plan to initiate, I'm always put off because he says how tired he is and doesn't show any wanting of it. I try but maybe I'm too subtle.

    Someone suggested to me to watch porn together, but at this stage I don't feel that to be something I'm able to try. We only ever have sex when we go to bed, usually after a night out having a few drinks. I feel I need to change it before going all out and experimenting with stuff like porn.

    I just really need some advice. I hate bringing it up with him because it's always me that brings up the subject - makes me wonder if he even sees an issue in it. I don't want to seem pathetic or obsessed. And it also makes me feel pretty unattractive sexually because we NEVER talk about sex, nor is it really happening much. I want the 'oh my god I need you right now even though it's the middle of the day and we're out' kind of feeling.

    Just dont know what to do
    I dunno if anyone has already said anything similar to this, because I haven't read through any of your replies.

    Just go for it, even if he is tired or something or you get the idea that he isn't wanting to, just turn him on a little. I know you said you aren't confident, but I know how you feel, cos I never used to be confident at initiating sex as I didn't know what I had to do to turn him on. Litrially, just kiss him, and then grab his penis, once he is hard, start to suck him off.
    If he is anything like my boyfriend, he will love the surprise of you suddenly being so forward.
    If he pushes you off a bit or tells you to stop, tell him "you told me you want me to be more forward with initiating sex... And now you are telling me to stop when I am!"
    If he doesn't want it, then it obviously isn't you who has the problem.

    You really do just need to try and get over being anxious, and the only way you're gunna do that is by just throwing yourself into it.
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