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Upcoming changes to the Anime and Comics forum - Thursday 4th April watch

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    Hello, everyone.

    We have been discussing some proposals regarding the restructuring of this forum. 2 years ago, the Anime and Comics forum came into being from the proposals of anime regulars and myself. The moderators considered the need for the subforum and, on balanced discussion, implemented it. Before Anime and Comics, we had 'Sci-fi and Cult' - another forum which concentrated on a genre or specific area than a medium. This was similar in the sense that there were one or two dominating threads (with a core group of users) and the others were fairly inactive. When it was merged into TV, activity towards those threads (in particular, Doctor Who) dramatically increased.

    Now, after a review with other moderators and some members in this forum, we have decided it is in the best interests to change the structure of the forum.

    What are the key changes?
    • Merging Anime with TV.
    • Rename 'TV' to 'TV Shows'.
    • Rename 'Books, Literature and Poetry' to 'Books, Literature and Comics'
    • Move Comics to 'Books, Literature and Comics'
    • Anime stickies carry over to TV.

    Why is this happening?
    • The forum has become very inactive compared to the other subforums, there are threads on the first page which are months old.
    • There are only a select few threads which are consistently active.
    • The forum hasn't moved forward much in 2 years and there is no indication that this will change.
    • Comics are unsuitable in the forum. They would fit better within 'Books and Literature'.
    • Anime as a whole would fit better within TV (with Anime films going in Film).
    • Discussion with Anime regulars indicates that many of the core users are really only involved with the main Society threads and that new users don't tend to stray into those threads.
    • There is a core audience in TV which may become interested in Anime if the forums are consolidated.

    • Brings Anime discussion, which primarily revolves around Anime TV shows, in line with the purpose of TV as a subforum.
    • Puts Comics in a better home.
    • Can potentially (significantly) increase activity towards new anime threads through the active users that browse TV but do not browse Anime and Comics. There may be TV regulars that don't really visit the Anime and Comics forum as it currently stands and don't get involved in the main threads.
    • It would remove a relatively dead forum.

    Loss of the identity of 'Anime' but this can be counter-acted by including it in the new description of TV. There aren't many other disadvantages beyond losing the 'enjoyment' of having a subforum dedicated to one particular area or topic of interest.

    Why isn't 'Anime' being included in the title of 'TV'?
    We gave this a lot of consideration and discussion but ultimately came to the conclusion that it would be unfair to single out 'Anime'. The vast majority of discussion is over Anime TV Shows so this fits within the scope anyway.

    So in what way is the 'Anime' identity being retained?
    The two stickies dedicated to Anime will carry over to TV, the active societies on Anime will carry over to TV and the TV description will include reference to Anime TV shows.

    What can I discuss and where?
    Anime TV shows go in TV. Anime Films go in Film. Manga goes in 'Books, Literature and Comics'. However, there is nothing stopping you from talking about anime films or manga in the Anime societies (which will be sitting in TV after this move). Societies are generally seen as informal discussion threads so there's no real rule against what must be discussed. We leave that to you.

    But fresh threads on, say, anime films should go according to the rules (ie in Film).

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me or to post a thread in Ask A Moderator, asking for me.
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